NanoLock is a ground-breaking solution for protecting Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices from unauthorized access.
In a market of billions of connected devices, NanoLock aims to secure endpoint IoT devices by providing a secured memory chip, which prevents overwriting, manipulation or erasure of data stored in the device’s memory.

Pcysys is a revolutionary cyber system based on unique AI algorithms for automated penetration testing.

Pcysys enables organizations’ internal IT teams to continuously and automatically test their own cyber security measures, providing unprecedented visibility of threat vectors and prioritized remediation suggestions, allowing organizations to identify their main risks and pinpoint the most cost-effective solutions.

DeepCube developed a neural network sparsification technology that allows deep learning frameworks to run on the CPU of an edge device, with or without an internet connection.

By moving deep learning processes from a GPU to a CPU, DeepCube reduces cost, latency and power consumption required to perform neural network functions.

EnsureDR is an AI-based disaster recovery simulation software that provides a business with a clear view of its ability to recover from an IT outage.

By utilizing thorough, frequent, and automatic recovery tests, EnsureDR identifies problems in the recovery plan and infrastructure prior to actual disaster situations. EnsureDR allows businesses to avoid costly down time and reputational harm.

Valire provides AI-based automatic & continuous monitoring of IT business processes to identify and discover fraudulent internal activities.

Valire’s proprietary software is customizable according to the specific operational procedures of each client, integrating seamlessly into the client’s existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

Cervello provides comprehensive and proven solutions to protect railways against cyber attacks. Cervello enables security and operations teams to perform with full visibility and control of railway critical assets, signalling systems activity and operational procedures.

Cervello's platform delivers best-in-class threat detection and response, asset management, and continuous monitoring of rail and metro operational networks. 

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since 2019, Awz hls fund Ii invested in 6 leading-edge cyber security, intelligence and physical security ai-based technology companies, with 7-9 more targeted by the end of 2020