since 2017, Awz hls fund i invested in 8 leading-edge cyber security, intelligence and physical security technology companies 

Minereye’s AI-based big data analytics platform automates identification and tracking of data to reshape information governance and data privacy compliance.

Minereye’s innovative software leverages machine learning and computer vision technology, to manage sensitive and classified documents across an enterprise’s distributed network, file sharing locations, desktops and collaboration sites.

Assac offers the only unified anti-tapping & anti-hacking product available for the emerging consumer and corporate smartphone security & encryption market.

Assac’s ShieldIT is a unified protection application that takes smartphone defense to the next level. Android and Apple smartphones, used by corporate or law enforcement executives and employees, can be simply and seamlessly secured against all threats with military-grade cybersecurity protection.

AI-based anomaly detection, cyber security and predictive maintenance solutions for operational technology systems used in critical assets.

Siga uniquely monitors analog electrical signals right before the end-device, that cannot be hacked or manipulated. Siga uses machine learning to detect anomalies in real time, whether due to a cyber or technical malfunction.

Octopus offers a unique, unified, cloud-based security solution that combines physical and cyber security event management systems.

Octopus offers a customizable, integrated command & control platform, which allows organizations to efficiently manage all security assets, technologies, staff, procedures and compliance, in routine and emergency situations.

Pcysys is a revolutionary cyber system based on unique AI algorithms for automated penetration testing.

Pcysys allows organizations’ internal IT teams to continuously and automatically test their own cyber security measures, providing unprecedented visibility of threat vectors and prioritized remediation suggestions, allowing organizations to identify their main risks and pinpoint the most cost-effective solutions.

C4 Systems is an aerospace R&D and integration company, which provides technological solutions for the aerial homeland security and paramilitary domains.

C4 provides a seamless view & mission management platform for air, ground and marine real-time communication. C4’s SuperVision head mounted display uses augmented reality technology to overlay real-time mission information in 360° directly to the pilot’s goggles or helmet.

Your Safety. Our Mission. 

NanoLock is a ground-breaking solution for protecting Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices from unauthorized access.

In a market of billions of connected devices, NanoLock aims to secure endpoint IoT devices by providing a secured memory chip, which prevents overwriting, manipulation or erasure of data stored in the device’s memory.

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Elsight develops innovative technologies for clear, reliable & secure real-time video, audio and other data transmission for both HLS and civil uses.

Elsight’s cutting-edge technology enables encrypted, real-time, adaptive data transmission over multiple IP links, allowing on the move connectivity anytime, anywhere for high bandwidth needs.